I Got Evidence!

I Got Evidence!

Pay close attention for this was meant

Was it not God who parted the Red Sea

So, know that when your enemy is chasing after you God already made an escape route to victory

Hear me

Was it not Jesus who gave his life

So, know that God only sees you in your true light

God strength is made perfect in weakness so know that He has already arranged your wrongs right

I do tell

Was it not God who called David from the sheep pens making him the shepherd of God’s own people, Israel

So, do know that greatness is born in darkness

That each day you live

Live to give and focus on the good and not the useless

For, was it not God who carried you through

The sickness, broken heart, lack, and suicide thoughts too

Had it not been for God where would I be

I’m telling the world that God kept me!

I should have been dead

But God strong right arm led

Me to safety

I got evidence everyday of how God loves me!

Now, the time is yours to make

God your only Savior for own soul’s sake

Don’t fake

Jesus died for all our sins so know that no man is perfect that is never a reason to not let God in

Live to win

And I promise that you too will say

This is not a coincidence!

This is just another blessing from God so that I can say

I Got Evidence!


Katrina T. Smith




My People receive this message from above

For what we need in this season is a flow of love

You know

Even the fire fighters use water to put out fire before it expands and grow

Water can be heated and chilled

Yet still

It doesn’t explode it remains like calm water

Forgiveness is the answer my sons and daughters

Forgive others that you might be forgiven yourself

Care for someone else

Other than just you

Your one act can initiate peace instead of hate you are the breakthrough

But sadly for many money has a hold on you

You will be amazed

Of how many people die these days

Trying to get rich

Thinking that money will fill their emptiness

But they soon found

That it is not the money and what goes around comes around

Or maybe it is jealousy one of the weaknesses of the flesh that all men fight

That is overpowering your life

The eyes are the gateway to the soul

Watch what you behold

For all things that look good are not good for you

Stay true

No one is perfect we all make mistakes

This is part of the process as we grow in faith

Let us stop focusing on the problems and let us give thanks

Give thanks

For your strength

Not just physically but mentally and spiritually

Help others in need

You see when you plant a seed

When you help others succeed

You in return uplift you and everything that is connected to you

I dare not lie I told you before that you are the breakthrough!

Let us grow in diversity

Let us help our young men as they are captured let slaves in our reality

Let us love

It doesn’t cost a thing it is freely given from above

No more killing but more instilling

The Word of God

In this season, evil must relinquish what was withheld or robbed

Speak those things that are not as though they were

Don’t be moved by him or her

But move into your worth

Let your life make a positive difference on this Earth

Look beyond the daily and focus on the greatest need

Now is cultivate your seed

For you were chosen for a reason

Trust if you are reading or listening to this now is I AM is opening up your season

Of rebirth

Your new season of self-worth

Don’t hardened your heart

As I mention a new start

For this you have been waiting for

You want more

Then stretch your arms wide amongst the sky and shout out to our Lord above

Shout out, now is open up the gates of Heaven and LOVE!

Trust, My Sons and Daughters



Katrina T. Smith Copyrighted 5/31/15 8:41 AM

Thanks Giving

Is a time to give thanks!

To thank God for keeping your mind sane, your soul whole, and your body in strength

To thank your family for their unfailing love

To be thankful for all the trials and tribulations that you raised above

Thanksgiving is a time to share

Your appreciation to all those you hold so dear

To show them that you truly care

Let us take this moment to pause

For this time in history cause

For a deeper touch

Let us thank our FatherGodSpirit for allowing each of us

To experience each other another year

For so many have lost love ones throughout the years

Right now there tears

Are not of joy but pain

Let us claim

Our victory

Let us live out our lives for the glory of our Almighty


Let us speak by faith that we will receive a hundred fold of what the devil tried to rob

Our joy, our finances, our health, our life

Let this prayer lend us into right

For one day

Our soul on this Earth shall be no more

One day we pray to be in the home of the Lord

So let us say

I love you to all as we share our meal together today

For this is true

With all that I am and shall become forever more I love you

Thanks for Giving



Only through Jesus Christ do we have victory over sin


Katrina T. Smith Copyrighted 11/22/12 9:09 AM

Thanks Giving Day!

True friendship is a blessing sent from God and is rare to find. Sometimes with life responsibilities it’s hard to find the time to share with your true friend. However, life is short and we must spend as much time as possible with those that we love. So I dedicate this poem to all my true friends. I love you forever!


The Power of True Friendship

We live one day at a time

Like a blue moon true friendship is hard to find

It’s a precious blessing that blossom through appreciation

This poem is my dedication to you

For all the marvelous things you say and do

I love You!

I learned to respect the power of true friendship when you entered my life

Your presence motivates me to live right

You are my shining light

My direction when I lose my sight

I pledge, for one thing is true

There’s no me without you


I must pause and allow my words to flow

For the world should know

That I found not just a true friend but a sister

That clings with me through all life’s twisters

Whether I’m sick or healthy

Weak or strong as steel

You are always there to build to instill confidence and security

My advocator constantly fighting for me

My listener, My laughter

Each year adds another chapter to us

In you I place my trust

Your unconditional love festers it sores through

The Power of True Friendship Is The Power of You!

I just had to speak and allow these words to be heard

While the air I still breathe

For I believe, that I was blessed with a jewel of the Nile

An everlasting relationship that runs for miles

With you my life is saved

Our memories I’m taking to the grave

For all that I am and all that I shall be

I owe it to thee

Thanks for standing beside


Katrina T. Smith Copyrighted

Go ahead and shout out your true friend and explain why he or she is your true friend!


Living On Purpose

I give myself to world

Opening up what God instilled in me for all man, woman, boy, and girl

Your Word

That Just Had To Be Heard

Come and see

itjusthadtobeheard.com is waiting for thee!


Hello World!

   Katrina T. Smith, Poetry in Motion


I thought I couldn’t do it so I hid

I thought I couldn’t do it but I did

I took one step at a time

Now success is mine

Many yelled

That I would fail

Many said

Think small instead

But I succeed

Even though many did not believe

I once thought I couldn’t do it so I hid

I once thought I couldn’t do it but I did


Katrina T. Smith Copyrighted


Thank you so much for taking your time to view my personal blog dedicated to itjusthadtobeheard.com. It Just Had To Be Heard is a poetic ministry that I established in 2007. This unique ministry uses the healing power of poetry to touch and inspire the lives of all people by combining poetry with artwork, literature, music, and performing arts. It Just Had To Be Heard mission is to provide exclusive spoken art with fine quality at an affordable price and to build an elite network of artists. Our goal is to enlighten, strengthen, and challenge the world to receive a spiritual relationship with God. We strive to build a deeper reverence of all nationalities, to embrace unity, and to push all to pursue empowerment and knowledge of self.

I am a highly gifted poet though the grace of God. I would like to say that poetry chose me for I have been writing for over twenty years now. I have an ability to feel what others want to say and my focus is always on reality. I am also an educator at heart. After teaching for over eight years, I am currently a Vice-Principal in Camden, New Jersey. I strive to make a difference on this Earth and I yearn to live in my true worth.

This blog is my opportunity to share my poems with the world as well as building a platform for other poets to share their works too. I plan to use this blog to communicate with my customers, to discuss real topics and true issues that we encounter daily, and to offer advice through the wisdom of God that He instilled in me. Each week I will write an uplifting or transforming poem or word that we can build upon. Just like “Victory” highlighted above. Tell me, can you relate with succeeding in spite of all the obstacles and mainly people that tried to hold you back. Tell me, did you realize that your true hindrance was you? I never knew my worst enemy was ME!





Katrina T. Smith